It’s time to practice what I pin. One pinterest inspired creative project a week for fifty two weeks. The final goals; rediscovering my artistic self and presenting my work in a final exhibition project.

I’m Catherine; a new Mum, wifey, organising enthusiast, struggling perfectionist and ‘wear my heart on my sleeve’ kind of person. I’m also an introvert who from time to time tries hard to be an extrovert.  I love wondering through art galleries and exploring new places. But most of all, I LOVE being creative.

Welcome to my creative nest.

So why have I chosen to plunge myself into this now overflowing world of blogging.

Each day I find myself spending some of the little time I have scrolling through the inspiring pins on pinterest (if you don’t know what this is, I recommend you take a look. But be warned… it can be addictive). From this side of the computer screen I have a view into the lives of other creative sorts actively pursuing their creative lives. I have pinned thousands (yes you heard that correctly) of inspiring ideas; artists and/or their work and tutorials with the intention of ‘one day’ learning from them to inspire my own work. So I have decided that ‘one day’ is TODAY.

Today I begin my pursuit to rediscover my artistic self (lost amongst a whole plethora of excuses), by setting myself the task of crafting one creative project a week for fifty two weeks. And being accountable for my goals by sharing this artistic journey with you all. Hopefully inspiring some of you along the way.

It’s certainly not a new idea but the one I need; to let go of my fears, dive in and rediscover my artistic self.


I hope you enjoy the journey with me.