Heart and Soul – Week Forty-Nine and Fifty: Our Exhibition

Live from the heart of yourself. Seek to be whole, not perfect.” – Oprah (Source)

week forty-nine and fifty – our exhibition, gallery window display

So all rules have been thrown out for these last few project weeks and that includes deadlines. I’ve also decided to include two project weeks into the one post as they are inclusive of each other and well, it has been a crazy time.

Percolator Gallery – After Hours-Part Three Exhibition


As I type this post our art exhibition is in full swing at the Percolator Gallery and will be until Sunday. I feel so excited and extremely lucky to be exhibiting my work along side all the talented and lovely people I work with at Art Shed Brisbane.

week forty-nine – abstract detail

Along with work we are exhibiting in the gallery, we also chose to complete small 40x40cm artworks to be displayed in the gallery window. I’ve included this piece as my week forty-nine project. It is a small abstract detail created with posca paint pens and gold acrylic paint.

My week fifty project was the opportunity to help with the gallery display of our exhibition. Something I’ve wanted to learn and be a part of for a long time.

It was also the opportunity to appreciate the time, hard work and heart and soul that goes into creating and exhibiting art work.






If you get the opportunity come along and take a look. It might just inspire you.

Until next time…happy painting!




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