Our Little Artist- Week Forty-Eight: Photograph

Beautiful girl you can do amazing things.” (Source)

week forty-eight – photograph

So I’m late posting again this week…insert sad face here!

With only four weeks to go until the end of my project (and an exhibition looming in a couple of weeks) I couldn’t feel more disconnected and unmotivated from being creative. Interestingly though I don’t feel like I’m failing this journey for this sudden lack of artistic drive. I have resolved in myself that I have well and truly rediscovered my artistic self. I have never felt more passionate that art will play a bigger role in my life. The simply fact is, that first and foremost I am a Mother (a first time one at that) and this role is my most important role.

As rewarding and incredible as being a Mum is, it is tough; sometimes really tough! When thinking about this I asked myself the question,’was starting this project when I did the right or smart thing to do? And in hind sight, ‘would I do it again?’ A very firm answer of NO immediately sprang from my tongue and that didn’t surprise me. Why? Considering I’ve learnt so much about myself and what is important to me these past forty-eight + weeks. What I know now is that I shouldn’t have added the additional pressure to myself. I wish I had just concentrated on looking after myself more and appreciated my new role as Mum. I’m certainly not unhappy to have been on this artistic journey, just that it could have waited a little while longer.

So what does one do when feeling this way with only four weeks left to go. Not give up. Take a deep breath, accept what is and move on. I took this photograph or our little artist today as my project. I have grown and learnt so much about myself because of her. She is the best project I have ever created!!

Cheer me on to make it though these last few projects. Until next week… happy painting!

3 thoughts on “Our Little Artist- Week Forty-Eight: Photograph

  1. Oh Catherine, I’ve been thinking the same. Ry and I have a 15wk old now and I am being ‘encouraged’ to write a blog or start a business I’ve been looking at doing. But all in all, i just wsnt to enjoy the ups and (sometimes very liw) downs of being a mum. Head up, before you know it, thd four weeks will be over xxx


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