Preparation – Week Forty-Seven: Varnishing

I would like to paint the way a bird sings.”― Claude Monet

week forty-seven – varnishing

I’m back after taking an unexpected and unplanned week off from blogging last week. It was simply one of those weeks where so much was going on I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I even forgot I had to go to work until half an hour after my start time and I can tell you that just isn’t normal for me. So I knew I needed to take a step back from focusing on too much and just try again this week. And here I am.

Even though I didn’t blog last week, I was still working on art. As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m getting ready to be a part of a group exhibition in a few weeks time with my work crew. I’m very excited and super nervous.

exhibition flyer
pouring medium varnish

To lower my stress levels some what I’ve decided to exhibit a few older pieces of work. So that meant I’ve needed to varnish an older oil painting (which has been stored away) and have it framed. I also wanted to add some more depth to a previous piece I posted about in week two. So I used a pouring medium to give a glass like finish. I’m yet to add the additional dimension using gold leaf.

Unfortunately I had trouble photographing them for my post but I hope you get the idea.

I also wanted to share that Baby C has finally taken her first walking steps on her own. She is so proud of herself and of course so are we.

Baby C has also taken to ‘drawing’ as she calls it on a regular basis. We keep her sketch book and crayons in a cupboard, so she points at the cupboard and says ‘drawing’ whenever she wants to do it. I think it may be time we bought her a little easel though as she has also taken to drawing on the floor. Even more fun times ahead.

detail – pouring medium varnish

Until next week… happy painting!

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