Finding My Feet – Week Forty-Five: Bird Collage

She was simple like quantum physics.”  (Source)

week forty-five – bird collage

As I have mentioned before motherhood hasn’t been something I’ve found instinctively easy. Yet now I can honestly say I’ve comfortably found my feet in my role as Mum. Baby C is at such an incredible age where she soaks up the world around her like a little sponge. I’m embracing the importance of this time as it is flying by so quickly and I want to hold on to every minute.

bird sketch

This week I decided to create a little bird collage inspired by a beautiful creation I found on pinterest. I drew a sketch and then cut out the pieces like a template. I found some scrape book paper I had stored away and set off to work. In ideal circumstances I would have used a paper knife but as time was brief I had to make do with a pair of scissors. For a first attempt I’m pretty happy.

Until next week…happy painting?

Is there a time in your life when you felt like you’d found your feet?

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