Personal Growth – Week Forty-Two: Watering Can Continued

The best project you’ll ever work on is YOU.” (Source)

week forty-two – watering can continued

I’m sure you all noticed my absence last week. I decided to take the week off art projects and blogging while we were on holidays. I needed a week off to breath and enjoy family time away.

Baby C and I – The Lavender Farm at Pottique

This week I realised that I have only ten more art projects to go until I’ve reached the end of my goal. It’s a great feeling knowing I’ve come this far and I’m really proud of myself for not throwing in the towel by letting my fears get in the way.

I know now that this project has become as much about personal growth as it is about creativity. I feel more strongly than ever that art will become an even bigger focus in my future.

This week I finished my watering can with a simple painting on the front. Inspired by our visit to the Lavender Farm at Pottique.

Here is to making the next ten weeks bigger, brighter and even more brilliant.

Until next week… happy painting?




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