Textiles – Week Forty: Fabric Roses

Look for the answer inside your question.”― Rumi

20/08/2016 – Correction: The wedding photograph featured in this post was taken by Lauren Michelle (not Suzanne Black as originally posted) at Lake Como, Italy. Suzanne Black was our Scotland photographer.

week forty – fabric roses

When I was planning the details for our surprise wedding several years ago, I decided that I wanted to make my own fabric flower bouquet. I knew I would be sentimental about my bouquet and wanted something I could keep without having to preserve fresh flowers.

I spent many many hours sewing fabric roses using beautiful satin, linen and lace fabrics. In the end I had some remaining fabric roses that I didn’t use in my bouquet and have been sitting in a box since then. So for this weeks project I decided to finally do something with them.

my handmade wedding bouquet

I used a linen canvas, the fabric roses, decorative pins and lace. The lace you see I also used to make my earrings.

lace earrings (photography by Lauren Michelle)

I watched several online tutorials to learn to how to sew the roses. This is one of them by Ksripriya Kanigolla I pinned to my textile board on pinterest.

Until next week…happy painting?

Have you created art work using textiles? I’d love to see them.

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