Reminiscing – Week Thirty-Eight: Origami Crane

I’ve learned to stop rushing things that need time to grow.” (Source)

week thirty-eight – origami crane

It has been another one of those weeks when I really didn’t feel like creating anything for my project. And while trying to evoke any motivation I began reminiscing about my art college days. Many wonderful things have happened since then but I couldn’t help to think about those two years where I got to live and breath art. Not to sound too corny but it really was a dream come true. It took me 14 years from when I finished school to be brave enough to admit that all I really wanted to do was study art.

week thirty-eight – origami crane

When I began my course I would often think to myself ‘why hadn’t I chosen to do this earlier’. What I know now is that I wouldn’t have been ready. I needed to experience life and the time to grow before I could truly appreciate what I was passionate about.

So for my project this week I thought it was fitting to make an origami crane. This is the symbol I would use to associate my time at art college as I made over 1000 of them for a final exhibition piece.

I had always been in awe of artists who created installation art so decided during college that this is what I wanted to try for one of my works. It was an amazing experience from start to finish. I have included photos for you below.

If any of you are interested in knowing more about it let me know as I’d be happy to share.

Until next week… happy painting!

What symbol would you choose to represent a particularly happy time in your life?

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