The Artist – Week Thirty-Five: Decorative Bowl

A line is a dot that went for a walk”. – Paul Klee

week thirty-five – decorative bowl

I was asked a question this week, for which I didn’t know how to respond. “Are you an artist?” I paused for a moment and then answered “sort of, I studied visual arts a few years ago at College.” Of course since then I’ve been thinking a lot about this question. When can you call yourself an artist?

I read an article recently in the March 2016 edition of the Country Style Magazine, where the author Annabelle Hickson wrote, “I am tired of the notion that you have to sell X amounts of paintings for X amounts of dollars to call yourself an artist.” This peaked my interest as she went on to say, “In order to create art, all that matters is that you believe creating is a worthwhile thing to be doing – not for the end result, but for the doing itself.”

Throughout this article I was nodding my head in agreement. But then I thought, does this discredit all those artists out there working their butts off trying to make a name and living for themselves. Particularly if any of us creative sorts can call ourselves artists. It takes years for some artists to have their work hung in galleries and even master their work.

It was only after thinking about this for far too long that a little light bulb sparked. Perhaps we are all too concerned with how we label ourselves. Does it really matter? Yes, it can give us a sense of importance and even pride (especially after years of study) and for some, meaning; but does it REALLY matter? What matters to me is that my soul feels enriched when I’m practicing or am surrounded by art and other creative souls. So what will I say the next time I’m asked? I think a simple ‘yes’ will do.

For this weeks project I decided to decorate a ceramic bowl. I’ve found myself drawn to blue and white patterns of late. I bought this bowl for a few dollars and later discovered it was chipped. The perfect excuse to experiment. I’ve used porcelain paint and will be able to bake it so it will set hard. Now to find a use for it.

week thirty-five – decorative bowl

Until next week… happy painting!

Do you call yourself an artist?

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