Life Without Social Media – Week Twenty-Nine: Loose Ends

Ma’am step away from the computer” (Source)

As most of you will know, several projects ago I declared that ‘I was making a commitment to take myself off social media’. Or more specifically Facebook. Funnily enough my life hasn’t fallen apart since I’ve made this decision and stuck to it. Life actually feels more peaceful without it and I no longer feel like I’m attached to my phone. I’m happy I let go of the pressure I felt to be a part of the social norm and know that for now it’s the right decision for me.

This weeks project was all about finishing off the loose ends of previous creative projects. I’ve finally put two pieces into frames and printed the album labels from last week. I needed to do this to rid myself of that niggly feeling of having unfinished projects lying around.

I now feel more focused to sink my teeth into more artistic projects in the coming weeks.

Until next week… happy painting?

What creative loose ends would you feel better about finishing?

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