Reflection – Week Twenty-Five: Decorative Letters

Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. – Mahatma Gandhi

week twenty-five – decorative letters

Today is our baby girls first birthday. And like any milestone I cannot help but reflect on this past year. I’m so proud and grateful to be her Mother.

When I contemplate the past twelve months, I realise that I could not have anticipated the transformative journey having a baby would take me on. It has been the most challenging, emotional and physically demanding time of my life so far. And only now do I understand that it is an experience I simply cannot put into words.

week twenty-five – decorative letters

One thing I feel like I can explain is that from this experience I’ve learnt a really important lesson. Somehow from the beginning I’d convinced myself that being a Mother simply was not enough. That I needed to achieve more for myself and be more. This art project is the perfect example of that. What I failed to realise was that my daughter; this little human life that my Husband and I created, IS the BIGGEST achievement of my life and I’m immensely proud of that.


So I’ve reminded myself to take a step back, let go of the perfectionism and just do the best I can.


This weeks project has been about getting ready for Baby C’s birthday party in a few weeks time. I found these cardboard letters at a local craft store and painted them with Acrylic Paint.

Until next week… happy painting!



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