Turning One – Week Twenty-Three: Digital Invitation

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Clara's 1st Birthday Invitations Blog
week twenty-three – digital invitation

We have a special celebration coming up at the end of this month. Baby C is turning one. And as a creative Mum I really need to try and NOT get carried away… hmm I wonder if that’s even possible. I never really understood the big fuss for a party of a one year old but that was well and truly before Baby C came along.

As you have learned from my previous posts Mr T and I are golfers, so as Baby C cannot currently decide what she would like for her party we decided to stick with our tradition of a golf themed event (we were married on the ninth golf green at the golf course where we met). And it isn’t completely irrelevant to what Baby C likes. When my Husband chips in the backyard, Baby C flaps her arms about, squeals and giggles. She also picks up the balls for Daddy and throws them back down for him to do it again. So much fun!

So my project this week was to create an invitation I could send via e-mail to save not only on expense but also time. I would have loved to hand make the invitations but with a little one I need to be choosy with my time. And if we are honest, don’t most go in the bin after all our hard work. So this way, it’s also environmentally friendly.

I created the invitation using Adobe Illustrator software. It makes it so easy. I had lots of fun making the argyle pattern (very popular in golf) and then worked my design around that. I cannot take credit for the wording though. I found this online when checking out other golf themed invitations.

I have a feeling the next few weeks projects may have a certain theme.

Until next week… happy painting?

What do you think about digital invitations?

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