Self-Love – Week Twenty: Digital Art

A Mother who radiates self-love and self-acceptance actually VACCINATES her daughter against low self-esteem. ” – Naomi Wolf


So I’ve been feeling a bit blue these past few days. Like a heavy weight had settled itself on my shoulders. But then something happened. I read a blog post; the last of several this week, on self-love and it felt like the universe was trying to tell me something.

Perhaps you could call it an epiphany. The moment I realised that I had been treating myself badly. Forgetting that I need to be cared for as much as anyone else. And who better to do that for me, than me. So it’s time to let go of unrealistic expectations and self-judgement and start caring about myself again. Because if I don’t care, how will my daughter ever learn one of the hardest lessons of all; to love and respect ourselves!

My project this week was originally inspired by a pin of a technique used by Alisa Burke, where she used white crayon to draw an image and then brushed watercolour over the surface. As I didn’t have any white crayons I used masking fluid on watercolour paper to draw my patterns. Once dry I then brushed and dropped watercolour, as well as acrylic ink onto the surface. I then removed the masking fluid when my piece was dry and scanned the image onto my computer. A little playing in photoshop later and here we are.

Until next week… happy painting!

How do you practice self-love?

In the hope that the pieces of writing that inspired me this week may do the same for you, I’ve linked them below.

All my friends are Models – ‘He loves me…he loves me not – I love me… I love me not’ by Jenni Sellan.

Willowing Arts – ‘A Valentine of Self-Love’ by Tam

Andrea Dekker – ‘Our Expectations Matter’ by Andrea Dekker

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