Art Buffet – Week Nineteen: Art Storage

I adore spontaneity, providing it is carefully planned”. (Source)

week nineteen – art buffet

For this weeks project I decided to take a week off making art to focus on organising my art storage. I’m hoping it will help me make better use of my time when working on my projects each week.

As I’ve mentioned before our little family live in a small home. I don’t have a studio, a room or any allocated space to make art. I find myself working at the dining table and sometimes outside during the day (weather permitting and when Baby C naps longer than 30min).

Therefore I’ve had to be creative in how I store my art materials and even what art materials I own. For all my bulkier materials I’ve been using a beautiful secondhand buffet and for all my surfaces and art storage, I’ve been using secondhand architectural drawers (best find ever). In the future I’m planning to restore both of these pieces but in the meantime I enjoy them in all their used glory.

My ‘art buffet’ had become cluttered, unmanageable and a bit of a time waster when trying to find things I needed with little time. As you can see below.

week nineteen – art buffet (before)
storage tubs

So I bought myself some new storage tubs, emptied out the buffet and starting sorting.

My inspiration came from many places. The first is because I’ve been dreaming of having my own studio one day; as you can see on my pinterest ‘studio inspiration‘ board. I’ve also been following some inspirational blogs which have encouraged me to live more simply, own less and have a clutter free life. They are and Of course there have been many other sources of inspiration but the list is too long to mention here.

week nineteen – art buffet

I decided to separate all my materials into separate tubs/boxes with the idea that I could just take out the whole tub when I was working on a project and then put it back when I was finished. No pulling out a thousand different things to find what I needed in the first place or trying to fit it back in with everything else. I also decided to get rid of a whole lot of materials I haven’t been using. These I will sell, donate or there are some things that just needed to go in the general or recycling bins.

Even though this project was a bit tedious and time consuming I feel like it will certainly make my creative life a lot simpler.


week nineteen – art buffet (after)

Until next week… happy painting!

Do you have any creative ideas for art storage?


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