Moments In Time – Week Seventeen: Photography

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”. (Source)


Photograph - Flower with pot
week seventeen – photography, Magnolia Little Gem Tree

So this week I’ve decided to put the art materials away and share some photographs I’ve taken of the beautiful and fleeting life of blooms. I was inspired by my ‘pretty‘ pinterest board where I pin images that captivate me.

week seventeen – photographs, Royal Poinciana Tree

Taking photographs has long been something I’ve enjoyed doing. And it certainly appeases my creative side. I often take photographs with future art works in mind and yet otherwise I’m just capturing lovely scenery and moments.

week seventeen – photographs, Poppies

Perhaps I’ll use these images as inspiration for next weeks project. Until then… happy painting!

What creative photographs have you taken lately?

week seventeen – photographs, Dream Rose








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