Sweet Memories – Week Fifteen: Decorative Mask With Quilling

Travelling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller – Ibn Battuta

week fifteen – decorative mask with quilling

Almost eighteen months ago Mr T and I were walking through the narrow streets of Venice a little worse for wear. We were on our honeymoon and were not travelling light (my Husband is a golfer and his golf clubs had joined us), we were also both unwell with head colds. In search of our accommodation we became very lost. I can remember the looks we were getting as we were struggling over the small stepped bridges crossing the canals with our luggage. I don’t think they’d seen many tourists travelling with golf clubs before. One woman looked so shocked I think she thought Mr T was dragging a body bag.

Once we had found our accommodation and were free of our luggage we couldn’t wait to explore this incredible and extremely busy city. All those beautiful stores, ancient buildings, glistening canals and Venetian masks everywhere. I would have loved to have brought back one with me but was too worried it would get broken on the way home. I remember thinking that one day I’d make one myself.


So remembering our nights stay in Venice has been the inspiration behind this weeks project.  Since our trip I’d pinned a glittering mask to my pinterest ‘craft board’ by the masque boutique as inspiration.  I was originally going to create the mask I’d promised myself yet instead decided I’d also like to try my hand at quilling. And as such, have created this small piece of art.


I created the little face with plaster and face moulds. I’d never quilled before so bought myself the pre cut paper and found further inspiration on pinterest, then simply gave it a go. This is something I would very much like to try and do again.


week fifteen – decorative mask with quilling

Perhaps one day soon I’ll create my own Venetian mask to hang on my wall and think back on the sweet memories of our trip.

week fifteen – decorative mask with quilling detail


What inspiration have you found from your travels, near or far?

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