Feeling Grateful – Week Eleven: Wooden Christmas Decorations

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows will fall behind you. – Maori Proverb(Source)

week eleven – wooden Christmas decorations

After almost ten months I’ve returned to work. Only a few hours a week at this stage to help out with the busy Christmas period and earn some much needed Christmas pocket money. I felt very anxious about it at first but once I had returned, I realised I’d forgotten just how much I love my job. And for this I am incredibly grateful.

I’ve had quite a colourful career and a few years ago turned my life around when I decided to study. Which is how I ended up working at an Art Store. Every time I go to work I am inspired. Inspired by the customers I meet, the people I work with and all those delicious art materials. I can’t tell you how hard it is not to spend all my pay on the endless art supplies shining their pretty faces at me whilst I work.

week eleven – wooden Christmas decorations

Returning to work has made juggling the rest of life’s commitments slightly more challenging, especially at this time of the year. Hence why I was up late last night painting my little wooden Christmas decorations. These little people have been sitting in my drawers unpainted since last Christmas.

My pinterest inspiration came from a little decoration by Lynna Van. And I used acrylic paint to complete them.

Even though I’m feeling slightly underwhelmed by my efforts this week. I’m still really happy that I have ticked off another creative project on my list. And am so grateful to have the support and inspiration in my life to be on this creative journey.

So until next week… happy painting.

Are you making any Christmas decorations this year?




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