Embracing Change – Week Ten: Christmas Embroidery Keepsake

An Artist is an explorer. He should begin by seeking himself, seeing himself act. Then not restraining himself. And above all, not being easily satisfied. – Henri Matisse, 1945 (Henri Matisse: Modernist Against the Grain by Catherine Bock-Weiss).

week ten –  Christmas embroidery keepsake

This week I’ve found myself questioning why I’ve added this additional creative challenge to my life when I’m already undertaking my biggest challenge of all, being a new Mum. I’ve come to being a Mother a little later than the average woman (I’m in my mid thirties) and surprisingly, it isn’t something that has come as naturally to me as I had anticipated. I knew being a parent was going to be a life changing experience, I just wasn’t prepared for how much it was going to change me. And in this lies the answer to my question.

These changes aren’t necessarily physically apparent, they are deeply emotional and personal. I now have a whole new identity and set of responsibilities as ‘Mum’. I am embracing this wonderful direction my life has taken but also don’t want to lose sight of what it means to be ‘Catherine’. And for me, this means not letting go of what I’m passionate about.

week ten – Christmas embroidery keepsake

Therefore my answer is simple; I need to make the time, put in the effort and fulfill all meaningful facets of my life. This is the only way I am going to rediscover my artistic self and expand my creative passion whilst still aiming to be an awesome Mum!

So this week I’ve taken up a needle and thread to create a little Christmas keepsake for Baby C, to remember her first Christmas. I’m certainly no seamstress but my sewing classes from my school days were enough to get me through on this one.

You just need to look at my textiles board on pinterest to discover my inspiration for this. A lovely little blog called Hoppin’ Up.

week ten – Christmas embroidery keepsake

To create this project I used a small embroidery hoop, sewing needle, white gel pen (for drawing my design and filling in details), linen fabric, white embroidery thread and faux pearls.

Now to go and decorate the tree. Until next week… happy painting!

What changes have you had to make to fulfill your creative passions?






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