A Bump In The Road – Week Seven: Clay Play

It is both a blessing and a curse. To feel everything so very deeply. – David Jones

week seven – clay play

It was bound to happen. That week when my creative enthusiasm dissipates. Dispersed in the chaos of my thoughts and heavy heart. With a troubled start to the week, followed by the continuous scars on humanity, I have lost my way.

week seven – clay play

So rather than present a glossy surface I’m choosing to be honest. I’d had a plan of what I wanted to achieve and when it came down to it, my heart wasn’t in it. It felt like a chore. A hindrance rather than a joy. I realised I’d hit my bump in the road, reminding me that this is a journey like any other.  And no journey is ever without a bump; a diversion, big or small.

Therefore I’m not going to fight it. Instead I’m going to accept it for what it is, a reminder; to be kind to myself, hold on to hope and not give up. The little piece I’ve created this week is a symbol of these things and a wish for all of us.

week seven – clay play

To make it I used air drying clay, cake decorating tools, a small cup to hold the shape while drying and acrylic paint. My inspiration came from a pin of decorative bowls by Kelli Murray.

Peace to you all and until next week… happy painting (or if happiness cannot be found, be kind to yourself).

Have you hit a bump in the road on your creative journey?

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