The Simple Things – Week Four: Hanging Mobile

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. (source)

week four - hanging mobile
week four – hanging mobile

When starting this project I set myself some guidelines, the first was to use any creative materials I already own; limiting spending money, waste and time. The second was to finish any creative projects I’d started and were gathering dust in a long forgotten corner. My main aim was to make the overall project simple so I could focus on my creativity each week without added pressure.

hanging mobile detail
hanging mobile detail

These guidelines came about when I discovered the blog ‘becoming minimalist’ by Joshua Becker. It really inspired me to make some changes in my life that I felt were needed to rediscover my artistic self and question the unnecessary pressures I place on myself daily. This simple idea about owning less stuff (‘nonessential possessions’ and / or items ‘that aren’t absolutely beautiful or meaningful’ as quoted by Joshua) frees up so many emotional and physical areas of my life. So slowly but surely that’s what I’m trying to accomplish. Already I have more time (it certainly helps that baby C is sleeping more these days too) and feel my creative mind expanding.

So this weeks project was finishing something I’d started months ago, a hanging mobile for baby C made out of the beautiful cards I’d received at my baby shower. It seemed like such a waste to pack them into a box only to be seen on very rare occasions or worse thrown out.

week four - hanging mobile
week four – hanging mobile

The materials I used for this project were: recycled gift cards, a large butterfly hole punch, cotton thread, an embroidery hoop, lace, ribbon, a key ring hoop, glue and plastic pearl beads. The butterfly strings were sewn together using a sewing machine while I assembled it using the embroidery hoop, glue and hand sewing.

I was originally inspired to do this myself when seeing the beautiful ‘Isabella Butterfly Mobile’ on pinterest.

I’m discovering that there is so much more to this journey than just being creative. Life is so delicately entwined with multiple facets that I don’t want to waste a minute of it.

I’m super excited about next weeks project, so until then… happy painting.

hanging mobile detail
hanging mobile detail

What simple things do you do, to add more joy to your creative life?

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